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Newborn Night Nanny

Get the rest you deserve during the night so you can be your best self during the day


Michael C.
Sleep Training

We hired Time Out for help with sleep training our 9 month old daughter. Tiffany did a great job! My wife and I were dreading the process and were preparing for weeks of sleepless nights if we did the sleep training ourselves. Tiffany was able to get our daughter, who was previously cosleeping with us, to fall asleep quickly on her own and sleep through the night in less than a week! We will definitely use Time Out in the future for childcare needs.

Lisa T.
Full-Time Nanny

Before making our move to Houston from Florida we contacted Time Out for our child care services. Tiffany did an amazing job by staffing us with a phenomenal nanny that is now like family to us in such a short length of time. She found the perfect fit for our family who also travels with us EVERYWHERE! We will always be thankful for Time Out! 

Theresa G.

AMAZING BUSINESS! My family recently moved to Houston, prior to moving I was able to arrange a sitter for my daughter who is 6 and tutoring for my son who is a sophomore. Tiffany created a personal plan that would work best for my family and I can’t explain how thankful I am for meeting her and doing business with Time Out. I also recently had a friend visit last minute and Time Out was available to cover all of our kiddos at with hotel care while we enjoyed a night out! Highly recommended!

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